Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Hung black top needing ass on way over...

He's 9 inches, hard, hungry for ass, and on his way over....i can't wait.

Will blog the outcome.

About 45 minutes later...

The outcome is leaking out my turned out ass and dripping down the back of my thighs.   Even have some of his seed load dripping down my chin cause I went ass to mouth and the second half of his creamy load shot all over my face and down my throat.   A really hot session indeed.

Suffice to say he fed me his rock solid 9+ inches every which way.   i started out on my knees and feasted on or got fed hard dick for a good 30 minutes.   Then sat him down, straddled his lap, lined up his head to my hole, lowered myself and slid down his hard pole.   In no time I was sitting in his lap and wiggling my hungry butt.  Leaning forward, I showed him my smooth white asscheeks split wide open, and my hungry pussy hole gobbling up the thick 9 inches of the end of his cock.

hitting the poppers my hole relaxed and i slid all the way down again as my hole re-gripped his cock to milk it with my silky tight fucksleeve.   And then I got piggy! his long fat cock put me into a zone.  it wasn't long before I was bouncing up and down on and off his cock.   Getting my feet under me, I showed him what a horny sleazy fuck pig I could be by going deep and slow, then fast up and down.   
eventually he needed to dig his cock deep in my warm quim so he pushed me onto the bed on my stomach.   He then proceeded to ream me and deep dick me. It was the kind of deep relentless fucking hat makes my eyes roll back in my head and i can only focus on the rail of a cock sliding in and out of my pleasure chute.   Eventually he gripped my hips and speared me on hs rigid baseball bat of a cock.   soon i felt his cock quiver deep in my ass and he grunted his release in my ear.   Eventually I spun around and kneeled to receive the cum bath that was the second half of his big load.   I felt so slutty with his spunk dripping from my turned out cunt as i kneeled and he pumped shot after shot down my sucking throat.  Eventually he stopped shaking and let me suckle the remnants of his load from deep within his balls.  he put his clothes on and left....not saying a word and leaving me with his spunk dripping from both my ass and chin.

So hot!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

taking a big load bareback....a bottom's perspective on what's the attraction of being bred

been awhile since i posted so thought i would bring back some of the most popular of my posts...enjoy!  

i read recently a top's perspective on why he enjoyed to bareback fuck so much...and so i thought i would share a bottom's perspective on why getting fucked bare is so damned addictive.

i love to get fucked in all positions...but especially to be on my back as the top fucking me is about to unload, legs wrapped around his body pulling him into me, my ass cheeks pulled apart as i raise my legs up and open for him, my tight smooth hole being used/abused....stretched to it's limit, ass raised up slightly so he can penetrate me deeper and feel every inch of his cock getting squeezed and milked by my hungry fuckhole. It feels amazing as his raw cockhead flares thick as he readies to cum, opening my hole wider as he slides in and out the full length of his dick as he deep dicks my asshole...making my hole clench harder to get a grip on his pumping cock. Usually his precum flows more and he slides deeper inside, thrusting quicker in short humping motions to get his nutt boiling over,

I like to feel under him at this moment and pull on his tightly packed nuts as they pull up tight against his body, readying to unload, rolling them around to ensure all that man-juice is ready to flow freely. As he starts to grunt and thrust deep...climbing that hill and seeking his much needed nutt...i feel the tension flex and release throughout his body as he uses my pussy as his relief hole...just another warm hole to use and release his seed into, his shaft throbbing and pulsing, that's the time to use my ass muscles to milk him (if he hasn't already fucked them out of use!) and try to grasp at his cock as it slides in and out, pulling on it....relaxing as he pushes deep into the warmth of my guts...gripping at it and milking it as he slides out, feeling like he is pulling my guts out with his cock...readying to shoot his hot goo deep inside me - most guys give a good hard deep thrust they are about to cum, so i am prepared to be lifted up, skewered on his hard throbbing cock as it explodes inside me... i will feel it swell inside as he shoots, he grunts and signals his pleasure from the release of his creamy seed load deep into the warmth of my silky wet guts. his cock gets rock hard and steely and he is after only one thing....and then he releases a gushing flood inside me....creamy warmth jetting deep and the gush of his load filling my guts. i enjoy hearing his grunts of satisfaction as he spears my clenching asshole deep and expends the warmth of his seed deep into me. hopefully he will keep shafting it deep into my asshole right through his full load...clenching his face and grunting his pleasure and giving it all to me in short bursts and thrusts - some tops just ram it deep inside and hold it still to explode it without moving - often they don't want to move their tender flared cockhead inside my gripping hole as it spits and spurts hot cum, but i like to give it a squeeze with my ass muscles just to se
e him jump and push it harder and deeper inside....and then cums the best part...feeling the connection of having been an obedient willing sperm recepticle for a horny top that was desperate for ass and REALLY NEEDED to fuck a hungry butthole to get his 5-day old nutt off.

him grinding deep as he enjoys the heat of my ass wrapped around his still spurting cock as it jerks and spasms in my ass, his cock either staying hard or deflating as it enjoys the sensation of my swampy cunt...either way at some point he slowly pulls out and his seed load drips and leaks from of my stretched and abused hole...dripping and drooling his creamy sperm load down my asscrack to remind me that i just got fucked hard, deep, and to the top's thorough and complete satisfaction. one of the best parts is to then reach back and feel the creampie in my just fucked hole...i start fingering at my open hole...pushing his load back in...pushing open my swollen just-fucked asslips and getting two fingers in deep to finger-fuck that cummy hole...showing him the cream he just fucked hard ino my hole...with any luck he will dive in and eat out my cummy hole as i stroke out my load all over my chest and stomach while he watches from between my legs.

I also like it when the top leaves his cock inside my used, swampy hole afterwards, gently rocking it in and squeezing at his over-exerted cock, sucking all his juices out of him, milking the final remnant so his load into me, leaving it inside till he gets hard again and fuck me some more - or if he stays hard after cumming, i'll climb up on top of him and sit him back, with him inside me and me sitting in his lap with his cock splitting my smooth asscheeks open, riding his wet cum covered cock and clenching my stretched asshole....hittting poppers that make my asshole grip his cock in a silky vise... until I shoot my load over his chest, and/or he deposits a second a load deep in my squirming, writhing butt...then lay back with him up my hole and take a well deserved break....resting my well-fucked and enlarged hole until he needs more of it later in the night or in the morning...

The feeling of being unloaded in is great, nothing like it - especially after a good long fuck session with a huge cock or cocks, where you walk funny afterwards, with a warm squishy up your ass, body aglow, muscles aching all over - inside and out and with a huge smile on your face! and that feeling of hot cum shoved deep inside your body, the seed load making your well-fucked cunt wet and loose in your ass for hours afterwards. best to leave that load in your hole as you make your way squishy pussy dripping out cream down my legs, ass overfilled with cum, well-fucked hole buzzing all the way home......longing already for another session and cock to dump it's load deep.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

1-to-1 ratio of ass-fucking to cocksucking

What's going on in northern NJ?   The shitty snowy weather got guys craving hot ass these days?  I'm not complaining.   Just wondering why each and every guy stopping by my anonymous hotel hook-up is needing to get up inside my hungry ass!   Usually the ratio is like 1to 2 (for every 2 guys wanting a blowjob...there's 1 guy wanting ass).  tonight it's been every guy wanting ass.  What's up guys? Need some ass these lonely days of winter? #4 just left a HUGE load sprayed all over my lower back and smooth upturned asschheks.  he needed that release...  Love that!

Final visitors for the night were two hung black tops...each with 9+ inch cocks that craved ass.  i got fucked every way possible, but the hottest part was when i hung my ass over the back of the hotel armchair and they took turns getting deep up inside my hole.  one nutted deep and the other fucked hi friend's load out of my cum-slick boi-pussy until he deposited his creamy seed load even deeper,  love being blindolded with my ass hanging out over an armchair and getting deep seeded.  so hot!

hot night...9 loads in total!  6 in my ass...3 down my throat.