Saturday, August 9, 2014

hot twink - "what are you guys into?" - "THIS!" i pushed him forward and bent him over at the hips and then got my hands on his smooth, tight, jockstrap encircled asscheeks and pushed them apart.... and ran my flattened tongue up and down the length of his smooth asscrack.   there was a small tuft of hair that circled his tight pink assrim and it looked vaguely like a pussy. and then i pushed my face forward poked around into his smooth puckered rosebud until it relented and opened up for my probing tongue.  the young twink sighed and arched his back as the tip of my hardened tongue found it's mark and sunk deeper into his gripping asshole.

that was the response i was looking for, and then the orgy began in earnest...

more to come...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

YES...i am a GREAT cocksucker!

hosted a hot anonymous cocksucking session again tonight. had one enthusiastic sperm donor stop by so far...and he deposited a HUGE load down my throat and in my face...some is still dripping from my chin.

i've decided that i LOVE the verbal coaxing/encouragement/nasty treatment that i sometimes get from a horny verbal feederwith his cock in my mouth.  love to be called a hungry cocksucker by a horny man when i have his hard cock firmly gripped in my mouth and lodged in my throat.  well duh!  and what a great cocksucker i he shivers and holds the back of my head and mumbles, encourages, coaches, and generally eggs me on to extract the sperm entrapped in his over-ripe nuts.  i love being made to work for that juicy reward...and so yes, please do call me names and encourage this hungry cock sucker to do my best!

load #2 came rocketing out of a rock hard 7 inch cock that lasted a good long sucking time. hot!

load #3 came from a fat 8.5 inch cock that i'm proud to have gotten down my throat...his load followed soon thereafter...

load #4 was from a horny young uncut latin cock...he lasted all of 2 minutes  from the time in my throat

Taken in my ass - load #5 ended up in my ass...from round #2 of the hard young latin cock. gonna sleep with latin spunk leaking from my used hole.

load #6 was fed to me nice and slow by a large, big-dicked horny dirty talking man. his cock was a mouthful and his load went partially down my throat...and is still partially dripping from my chin and chest.

he kept mumbling "you are a great are such a great cocksucker" as he rolled his head back and forth and i suckled the last remnants of his seed load from his deflating cock...

yes indeed...i AM a GREAT cocksucker!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

extra large, extra thick top deep reams me and leaves me dripping seed

i had a very hot session last night.... i hooked up with a super-hung white top at a bath last night and got his thick rail of a cock deep up my ass.  he used my pussy long, deep, and hard and ended up using my hole as his cumdump...leaving me stretched open and dripping a huge load of creamy spunk for others to play with and enjoy.  but i get ahead of myself...

i was at the bath house on the west coast for a few hours with not much happening.  i first saw a magnificent baseball bat of a cock out of the corner of my eye as i turned from the hallway and into the bunk room of the bath house.  his cock was semi-rigid and dangling almost to his knees...he was a pale white guy and his fat cock dangled with a fat cockhead that was a lewd pinkish red that was drooling pre-cum.  the fat knob of his cockhead was starting to stretch open the clinging folds of his foreskin. i walked up and nodded as i stared at his cock and he knowlingly nodded back as i reached down and greeted him by pulling on his hardening dick.

i knew i was in for a treat when i first got down on my knees in the dark bunk room and could barely get my hand around his super-fat, semi-hard shaft... or once i opened my mouth when i could barely get my lips around his super fat cockhead.  i milked a few pearls of salty pre-cum onto my tongue and began to improvise as i got my tongue out and licked at his thick foreskin and his drooling piss slit. he sighed and put his hand on the back of my head as he guided me on my initial cock-sucking foray.  i wanted to show him that i meant business and that i was an extraordinary cocksucker...but my talents were wasted on his super-sized cock because all i could do was kiss and lick the pre-cum oozing from the tip, suck on the copious amount of foreskin, and stroke the fat shaft in an attempt to make his cock stand to full attention.  when it finally was a really thick 11+ inch beauty...a real handful.  i cupped his big cum-laden nuts in my hand as i mouthed the end of his knob in a vain attempt to suck his dick.

i tried to get his fat cock into my mouth and down my throat but i only could manage maybe 4 inches in a very stretched mouth with my tongue hanging out and running underneath.  i worked the knob with my lips and tongue...making it wet at least.  pulling on his foreskin i gathered his skin around the tip and worked on it hard with my one point chewing lightly on his skin before pulling it back over the fat knob of the end of his cock.  i hit the poppers and dreamily got lost in this exercise of playing with his foreskin and fat cock knob.    he held my head in his hands and coached my cock-sucking efforts....sighing and moaning now and then to encourage my work.   slippery pre-cum oozed from the slit of his fat mushroom-shaped knob and i licked and suckled the sweet nectar.  i must have sucked, licked and pulled on his long thick fuck-stick for a good 15 minutes before he reached down my back and grabbed my asscheeks to signal he was ready for something more.  i took his signal and got up in the lower bunk of the bed closest to us.  i got on my knees, spread my legs and pulled my asscheeks apart and wiggled my butt...inviting him to step between my legs and push inside.  i felt the blunt club of his cockhead brush my sensitive assrim and flinched.  he gripped my hips and laid the fat log of cock between my cheeks as a dripped lube into my asscrack and rubbed it all over his cock and my twitching asshole.  i wasn't sure if i could take his cock...and realized i loved that moment of sheer panic/wonder.  i'm addicted to that rush!   could i take the cock that was about to be run up inside my asshole?  there was only one way to find out!

i felt the blunt knob of his cock poke my assrim and knew he was searching for entrance into my tight fuck chute.  i reached back and put one last big helping of lube on my hole and the end of his cock hopeful that it would help ease the process...and the pain...but doubtful it would have any impact on the latter.  i took a big hit of poppers and pushed my hips back and wiggled my ass invitingly so that my ass was spread fully open and at it's most vulnerable for him.   i looked back over my shoulder and watched as he gripped his cock at it's base, squeezed it fully hard, and slowly pressed forward.  i felt the pressure of his wanting entry and my hole tried to first.  but the poppers and his need for my ass and insistence made entry inevitable and his super-fat cockhead opened my assrim with an almost audible "pop".    i tried to relax instead of clench...but the pressure and sensation of being forced open was intense.  i flinched.  i saw stars.  i tried to squirm away but he anticipated my move and held my hips tightly as he let the ring of my asshole muscle adjust to the size of his cockhead.  i wasn't going anywhere....and i hit the poppers again.  the warming sensation from the poppers soothed my brain and relaxed my hesitant asshole.  slowly my stretched assrim adjusted and i got that slutty, needy, must get fucked now feeling that a fat cockhead in my asshole always gives me.  the girth of his fat cockhead was straining my ability to concentrate...and i gripped that fat head with my assring and pushed my hips back as i pushed out with my ass muscles....signaling that i was ready to be fed more of his thick man-meat.  and he fed it to me slowly indeed.  i gasped as he gave me the first 3 inches...and i had to stop him and re-adjust...and then i slid down the next 3 inches .  10 minutes into it i realized he had only given me just a little over a half of his precious gift, and i was in pig heaven...what about getting the rest driven up my tortured hole and fuck-chute!  man was i up for it!

i reached back and pulled my asscheeks open further and that caused the super-hung top in my ass to lean forward and slowly and powerfully drive the remaining 5 inches of thick man-meat slowly and deliberately into my asshole.  he bottomed out into my spread asscheeks and was balls-deep in my over-stretched rectum...and i was loving it as i saw stars and my eyes rolled into the back of my head.  by this time i had been driven forward onto the bed and was no longer on my knees.  instead he was up on top of my ass riding his cock between my upturned and spread open asscheeks and power-driving his cock into me and me into the mattress.  i was pinned but managed to reach underneath (somehow) and cup his big, low hanging bull nuts and churn the cum inside.  i pulled and churned his nuts as he started a slow fuck rhythm that felt like a foreign invasion on the downstroke and him pulling a baseball bat out from my stretched asshole on the upstroke.  i hit the poppers (again) and pushed my hips up and got a pillow under me so that he could ride my upturned ass.  he straddled me with his legs with his cock buried deep between my asscheeks and started digging deeper and deeper with a slow, deep ass-fucking that i hadn't experienced in a long time.  he totally reamed me out for the next 20 minutes or so.  i actually don't know how long he lasted because between his thick cock deep-dicking me, my upturned ass and overly stretched asshole, and the poppers at my nose it all made me lose track of time and space.  every now and then i would reach underneath and pull on his swollen nuts and he seemed to enjoy that as he would pick up the pace and fuck me deeper and harder.  he soon fucked the grip out of my asshole and all i could accomplish was push out on the downstroke - providing a nice silky smooth fuck sleeve for him to savor as he went in deep over and over again.  i tried gripping at his cock as he pulled it out but couldn' was simply too big and i couldn't get a grip.  all i accomplished was provide a gaping open silky smooth pussy pulsing and spasming and contracting around his thick fuck-muscle....and he groaned in my ear to express his pleasure.

the owner of the long fat cock in my ass had stamina...that's for sure...and he continued to run his fat cock deep into my now well-fucked man-pussy.  a small crowd had gathered and i soon found a fat drooling uncut latin cock dangling semi-hard in my face.  i took the opportunity to start licking and sucking on the copious foreskin stretched over the growing fat and drooling cockhead.  he was a heavy pre-cummer and i milked it with my lips and mouth.  i was soon became pinned between two big thick cocks and their owners were rutting and humping at my holes like the animals they had become.  the owner of the cock in my mouth didn't last long and announced his pending nutt loudly. i pulled back and felt the first jets of warm cum shoot over my shoulder, into my hair, and across my face.  i got a really big seed load sprayed in my face and soon had thick ropes of creamy spunk dripping down my cheeks and chin.  i had tried to get some of it down my throat but the previous owner of the load had a different idea for what to do with it and he coated my face with a thick glaze of cum.  i did get a chance to milk the remnants of his load from his spent nuts and savored the opportunity to suckle his softening cock and foreskin in my cummy mouth.  at this point i felt my orgasm rising and started to spasm and jerk as i shot my load on the bed...all without touching my cock.

i think the combination of my asshole spasming from my shooting a huge load uncontrollably and without direct stimulation, and the visual of a big latin cock exploding in my face got the top in my ass super-charged and he leaned into my back and started humping my upturned ass with wild abandon.  he ran his rail of a cock in and out....and then he stiffened....and finally grunted his release into my ear as i felt him press his cock deep between my asscheeks and deep seed my warm, welcoming, quivering pussy.    after a few squirts, i felt him pull out of my swampy cunt and stroke out a few ropes of cum onto the small of my back...and then he was back searching for my gaping asshole and inside me. i was fully pinned to the mattress and couldn't move as he shifted his full weight to my ass and back and slowly fucked the final third of his load into my spread open quim.  all i could do was push my hips up and accept the deep breeding he was giving me...and it was a big load based upon how much trickled out of my stretched sloppy hole and ran down my balls onto the bed.  he continued to grunt and moan as he rutted the last of his seed load into my warm cum receptacle.  he held his cock in me and groaned his pleasure in my ear...shuddering as he enjoyed my warm silky cum-filled hole.  finally he lifted his weight off my back and slowly extracted his now softening cock from my cum loaded colon.  it felt like a long thick python snake being pulled slowly and reluctantly from it's warm hole....and there was a rude liquid squelching sound as my asshole released it's wet grip on his withdrawing cock.  he lifted off me fully, inspected my well-used and swampy cunt with two long fingers, and then patted my cum-covered asscheeks and said "thanks...that was really hot".  i looked back over my shoulder and mumbled my "thanks for the load", marveling at the sight of his long thick dick dangling between his legs and then he stepped back and was gone.

i lay there covered in cum and sweat...completely drained.  my asshole was dripping fresh spunk and gaping open lewdly as i tried to recover from the completely thorough ass-fucking i had just received.  i was sweating and breathing heavily and it took several minutes for me to regain my composure.  i was the center of attention for the small crowd of bystanders to the total ass-fucking i just received and loved it, but they slowly dispersed.  one guy hung around and played with the cum on my back and exposed asscheeks.  i felt his fingers at the entrance to my abused asshole but nothing more than than. i decided to get even piggier and moved to the end of the bunk bed and i hung my used ass over the railing at the end.  the guy at my ass moved around to the end of the bed and knelt behind me...i arched my back and my asscheeks split open like a ripe watermelon.  i felt so slutty when i felt him press his face between my pulled apart ass mounds and start to probe the loose rim of my open, sloppy, well-fucked hole with his tongue.  he started slowly...using a flat tongue to soothe the puffy abused ring of my opened up hole...he was deliberate, but then began to really suck and lick and hunt for the big creamy seed reservior that was held deep in my guts beyond my asshole....his work was giving my sore stretched asslips some relief with his smooth tongue and gentle sucking.   it wasn't long before he got what he was seeking as i pushed out and a gush of cum squirted into his sucking mouth.  that made him suck even harder and i hit the poppers and savored his sucking mouth on my asslips.  he eventually stood, moaned pushed his rigid 7 in cock in my swampy hole and stroked out a load in to replenish the cum he had extracted moments before.  he pulled out and then finished on my upturned asscheeks and the small of my back and then left.  i decided to stay that way for awhile to see if i would generate any interest from others.  a stranger i hadn't seen before stepped up after about 10 minutes and buried his hard cock into my sloppy hole in one swift stroke.  the warmth and silkiness of my seeded cunt was just what he needed to get his nutt for the night as he held my hips and finished in my ass after about 3 minutes of long-dicking me with his slim 7 inch cock.  i felt his spunk overload my filled ass and leak out onto the floor as i held his spasming cock in the clench of my gripping fucksleeve.  he shuddered and grunted his satisfaction, pulled out and walked away...another satisfied top to finish the evening.  i slowly climbed down from my perch and hit the steam room and showers...soothing my aching muscles and savoring the fucking i had just gotten.